New members, new schools please.

During 2018 it is hoped that all the larger schools in Canterbury, will designate a teacher to serve on the Canterbury Science Teachers Association committee.

The rationale for this being, that the strength of the CSTA has always lain in the diversity of ideas and opinions within its committee - attributes which have provided the greatest support and professional benefit to classroom teachers.

AGM. Constitutional change proposed.

At the AGM a small change to the constitution will be proposed, as:

"Only individual members can be on the committee, or vote at the AGM.  However the practice over all the years I have been involved in CSTA has been that teachers from schools that have paid the annual sub are counted as members.  People from institutions other than schools have always paid individual membership so legally are the only ones currently who can vote ".

[The above is a clarification to an earlier email. D. Reid. 20 Feb.]


The Treasure, Marianne Daines, has suggested the following wording:


"A motion will be proposed at the AGM of the CSTA:

That the constitution of the Canterbury Science Teachers Association be amended as follows: (additions highlighted)



 a) Types of membership

      i)  Ordinary Members

            This shall be made available to:

            a) Teachers in primary, intermediate and post-primary, State, Integrated or Independent schools upon payment of the annual subscription by their employing school.


And removal of clause 3. a) iii):

       iii) Institution Membership

Schools or other educational organisations may become “Institution Members” of the CSTA by payment of an annual levy.  This entitles the institution to receive copies of the “Newsletter”, of any notices, and take part in any CSTA organised schemes which the committee may determine from time to time.  Institution membership does not give automatic membership to individuals within that organisation."

Grants to attend to 2018 SciCon Conference

The CSTA has provision for eleven grants to cover the early-bird registration fee for SciCon 2018, to held in Christchurch this year.

Anyone from an institution, which is a fully paid member of the CSTA, is welcome to apply. However if there are a large number of applications, preference will be given to new and beginning teachers.


The application must be submitted by the 4th of April. Successful applicants will be notified the following week.


For any questions please email Laura Doughty


Below is a link to the straightforward  application process. Please complete this ASAP to assist the committee.


Jenna Wilson

President CSTA

 This website changed during 2017 ... but why  ?

Over the past decade a 'once per term' newsletter has been emailed to those on our database. This newsletter relied heavily on the CSTA's website, but the converse was not so ... making aspects of the newsletters redundant.


After much discussion,  a survey of members was undertaken, to check the effectiveness of CSTA's communications. and it transpired many of you also preferred :

  • smaller, frequent snippets of information
  • regular reminders of events and resources
  • to use mobile rather than desktop devices
  • easier navigation on touch sensitive screens
  • more subject and level specific information


Consequently this website has been completely rebuilt in an economical, yet mobile friendly format ... while retaining the opportunity of frequent updating.

This is why the 'newsletter per term'  currently seems unnecessary.

Donald Reid

pp Committee




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Canterbury Science Teachers Association
Canterbury Science Teachers Association
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